Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most common questions puppy buyers ask us. We love to hear from all of you, but before contacting us check to see if we’ve already answered your question here. If you have a question you think would be helpful to add, contact us and we might add it!

Do you deliver puppies?

Yes! We love the fact that anyone can get one of our puppies for their family, regardless of where they live. However, the logistics can sometimes be a deterrent to people. So we keep it simple!

    1. You can fly to our airport in Sioux Falls, SD (FSD) and we can meet you there for a $275 fee or, if you’re more local you can drive right to our location in Iowa. (3-10-22 Price Subject to change due to the rise in fuel costs)
    2. OR: A team member can deliver your puppy to your home for an additional $800. (3-10-22 Price Subject to change due to the rise in fuel costs)

We will not ship puppies by themselves under any circumstances. If you have any questions about our puppy transportation policy, contact us on our contact page:

Which of your breeds is best for me?

Check out our breed pages to read about each breed. Hopefully that helps! If you’re still unsure, shoot us an email and we can help you decide based on your time-frame and our expecting litters.

What does your health guarantee actually guarantee?

Our Health Guarantee covers anything genetically, read more about it here!

What should I expect with my first Doodle puppy?

We have a whole blog post about that. Check it out!

How does reserving a puppy work?

Once we are breeding we open up the wait list, all deposits are non-refundable, we start selection in deposit order when puppies are 5 weeks old and at that time if there isn’t a puppy available that fits your wants or needs we will work with you on transferring your deposit to another litter. We allow families to transfer their deposit a total of 2 times.

If there is no wait list and you are making a deposit on a specific puppy that puppy is being pulled off the website for you, we do not allow transferring of deposits once a deposit is placed on a specific pup.

Do you dock tail?

We love the desired look of the doodle with the large fan tail, although we have had some request to dock them at this time we do not.

Do you offer extended training?

We believe training is a must for puppies on a behavioral level however we still feel that families should be the ones to bond and work on potty training their puppies so at this time we do not offer extended training.  There are tons of highly recommended trainers in most areas.

Do you hold puppies past go home date?

We understand most families work during the week so if the go home date lands during the week we will hold until the weekend after that we charge $25/day, if go home date lands on a weekend we hold for 3 days and after that it’s $25/day.

Will I need to groom my puppy?

Yes all our breeds need regular grooming. Doodles have two coats and it is very important to make sure the under coat is brushed daily to avoid matting which can result in your puppy having to be shaved down.

If you can brush regularly and enjoy your puppy in a shaggy coat you can get by with a full grooming every 8-10 weeks, if you can’t commit to regular brushing at home you should have your puppy groomed every 6-8 weeks.

We are working on a grooming section for families that should be complete soon.

What kind of food will my puppy be eating?

We feed NutriSource and links to the food your puppy will go home on can be found here.

Will my puppy be on hard or soft food?

When we start weaning the puppies from their mom we mix the food with warm water for about a week, after that they are eating hard food. 

What will be in my puppies go home bag?

Every puppy that leaves here has a “go home bag”. Here is a list of items that are included:

    • Vaccination and worming schedule for your vet 
    • Blanket or toy
    • Small container of NutriSource Puppy food
    • Microchip card and collar tag

What vaccinations will my puppy have?

4 weeks – NeoPar

6 weeks – NeoPar, NeoVac DA2, and Intra Trak3

8 weeks – NeoPar and NeVac DA2

Will my puppy be wormed?

Yes, each puppy is wormed on this schedule:

3 weeks – Pyrantel

4 week – Pytantel

5 weeks – 5 days of Panacur and Metronidazole

6 weeks – Marquis

7 weeks – 5 days of Panacur and Metronidazole

Should I put my puppy on a vitamin?

Yes we use Pet-Tab Vitamins for all our adults and puppies and recommend a daily vitamin for their entire life, the link can be found here.

What health testing have the parents had done?

We do full DNA genetic disease panels, color test, curl test, furnishings test as well as a shedding test. We also do OFA testing. 

Do you allow visits?

We allow families to come to our home and see where the adults are raised on puppy pick up day but we do not allow visits prior. The risk these visits can be to puppies in our nursery that aren’t old enough to be vaccinated and even the puppies that have started their vaccinations is way too high. Families could unknowingly bring something in and protecting our puppies health is top priority and a promise to our families that are waiting to bring their new fur baby home.

When can we expect puppy pictures?

We do group pictures at birth and individual pictures at 3, 5, and 7 weeks. We understand families like to see their pups grow and feel these times are the best. We simply can not snap pictures of puppies on request, our time needs to be spent with the moms and caring for the health of them and their babies.

Are deposits refundable?

All deposits made toward the purchase of a puppy are non-refundable, we do allow families to transfer their deposit to another litter a total of 2 times before requiring them to select or forfeit their deposit.  If transferring to another litter we would have to know this prior to selection.

Do you allow breeding rights?

As this time we are not offering any breeding rights with our puppies. 

Do you have require a Spay/Neuter Contract?

All of our puppies are sold as pets only, we require families to sign a deposit contract stating the puppies will be spayed/neutered by 6 months of age and proof from a licensed veterinarian is required.

Do you offer stud service?

We have worked very hard to get the genetic color panels we currently have in our breeding program so at this time we are not offering any stud service.