Before You Bring Your Puppy Home

Before you bring your puppy home...

We recommend our families purchase these before you get your puppy home so you’re prepared for anything.
We have a separate page for grooming products here.

Dog Food

All our mamas and puppies are fed a high quality food and Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat – All Stages has been one of the best for our puppies tummies, skin and coats. They transition very easy from mama to Diamond – All Stages. 

You can order Diamond Naturals – All Stages on Amazon here:


Pet-Tab Vitamins

All our adult dogs and puppies get a daily vitamin. We use and recommend Pet-Tab to complete your puppies nutrition. They also taste good!

You can order Pet-Tab Vitamins on Amazon here:


This is a great investment as it will grow with your puppy from 8 weeks of age too full grown adult size.

You can order the iCrate on Amazon here:

Puppy Playpen

Having a playpen for your pup helps with potty training and helps to reduce stress that can occur when giving them an overwhelming amount of space. It’s also great for keeping a close eye on your pup so they aren’t have free run of your entire home.

You can order the Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Playpen on Amazon here:

Snuggle Puppy

Has a “real feel” pulsing heartbeat that eases crying, loneliness and separation anxiety. Machine washable.

You can order the Snuggle Puppy on Amazon here:


Off-the-ground design promotes and increases air flow on all sides keeping your pet cool. Raised beds provide added comfort by creating low-impact areas to pressure points and joints. Beds can easily be sprayed off with water hose!

You can order the Coolaroo on Amazon here:

Doggy Door Mat

The Clean House Chenille Microfiber Doormat has 5X the GSM Absorption rate of normal mats. They soak up water and dirt like a magic. These are a must have in the bathroom where you are going to groom you pup as well as in front of the door you plan to use for training. 

You can order the My Doggy Place Mat on Amazon here:

Easy Walk Harness

Enjoy stress-free walks with the No-Pull Harness. Front leach attachment steers dog to owners side reducing or eliminating pulling. Chest strap rests across breastbone preventing gagging and chocking and ensures the dogs safety. 

You can order the Easy Walk Harness on Amazon here:


Quick and easy results, your dog will quickly and happily communicate bathroom needs without barking to get your attention. 

You can order the Poochie Bells on Amazon here:

Stainless Steel Food Bowl

Stainless steel is preferred over any other water or food bowl for bacteria reasons. This bowl is light weigh and dishwasher safe. 

You can order the Stainless Steel Bowls here:

Slopper Stopper

A Dripless Water Boel that reduces water spills and trails by 85% or more by not allowing the muzzle of teh dog to get soaking wet. The lid design kepps ears, beards, feet and snouts dry.

You can order the Slopper Stopper on Amazon here:

Stewart's Freeze Dried Liver Treats

All natural dog treats, 100% pure beef liver., grain free, soy free, no artifical color, no preservatives and no additives. It’s the only treat your dog will want or need. 

You can order Stewart’s Freeze Dried Liver Treats on Amazon here:

Redbarn Bully Variety Pack

All bully sticks are made with NO artificial ingredients, NO hormones and NO chemicals from free range, grass fed cattle. They are long lasting and full sized. We source the highest quality  and best ingredients ensuring low-odor products that your dog will love.

You can order your Redbarn Bully Variety Pack on Amazon here:

KONG Wobbler

  • Made of food-grade, high-strength polymer
  • Dishwaser safe
  • Top screws off from bottom for easy filling

You can order the KONG Wobbler on Amazon here:

Rocco & Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator

Eliminates stains, odors and residue. If it’s gross, it’s gone. Not just the stain, but the stink. From stinky yellow pet urine and feces to vomit and other spills our professional strength formula tackles them all.

You can order the Rocco & Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator on Amazon here:

Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner

  • Handsfree Spot & Stain Cleaner: Automatic cleaning cycles allow you to choose your setting and WalkAway while the machine does the work for you
  • Deep Reach Technology: Cleans from the bottom up to thoroughly remove deep down stains. Surface Type- Carpet, Upholstery, Auto, Stairs, Low Pile Carpet.

You can order your SpotBot pot and Stain Remover on Amazon here: