Breeds Overview – Which is best for me and my family?

Comfy mini Goldendoodle sitting in bed with a cup of coffee!

Mix: Golden Retriever and Poodle

Sizes: Standard (45 – 100 lbs), Mini (30 – 45 lbs), Micro/Tiny (15 – 30 lbs)

Colors: Black, copper, white, cream, gray, apricot, red, abstract, parti, merle

Personality: Laid back, adaptable, intelligent, easy to train, hypoallergenic, and friendly

Best suited for: Families with young kids, novice owners, or active individuals who love being outside

Not well suited for: Small apartments and being indoors all day

Takeaway: If you’re looking for a dog that you can take camping or on a long hike, as well as a dog that will cuddle with you and play gently with small children – then a Goldendoodle is a great choice!

A full-size standard Bernedoodle laying on a cot

Mix: Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle

Sizes: Standard (55 – 75 lbs), Mini (30- 55 lbs), Micro/Tiny (18 – 30 lbs)

Colors: Black, brown, black and white, brown and white, phantom (brown and tan), sable, black and white and red, merle

Personality: Happy, friendly, social, loyal, hypoallergenic, and a bit goofy

Best suited for: Big families who can give them the social attention they need or active individuals who can walk them daily

Not well suited for: Being alone for long periods of time

Takeaway: If you’re looking for a dog that will always be happy to see you with a goofy, loving personality then a Bernedoodle is the dog for you!

2 Sheepadoodles sitting on a couch relaxing

Mix: Old English Sheepdog and Poodle

Sizes: Standard (45 – 80 lbs), Mini (20- 40lbs), Micro/Tiny (Less than 20 lbs)

Colors: Black and white, mostly black, mostly white, blue merle, red and white (rare)

Personality: Highly intelligent, easily trainable, active, energetic, loving, hypoallergenic, and a bit goofy sometimes

Best suited for: Active people and families, families with young children, families with other animals

Not well suited for: People who can’t give them mental stimulation or proper exercise

Takeaway: If you’re looking for a dog that is intelligent and athletic, but sort of a goofball sometimes, a Sheepadoodle is a great fit.

2 Irish Doodles sitting together on carpet

Mix: Irish Setter and Poodle

Sizes: Standard (45 – 65 lbs), Mini (30 – 40 lbs)

Colors: Solid red (always!)

Personality: Intelligent, sensitive, fond of people, very active, able to retrieve/hunt

Best suited for: Very active individuals or families on land, hunters, families with older children

Not well suited for: Small apartments or not getting very regular exercise

Takeaway: If you’re looking for a dog with a bit more of a prey drive than the other doodles, the Irish Doodle might be the best choice! They are the most active of our doodles and have long-lasting energy, making them excellent camping or running companions

Golden Cavapoo puppy

Mix: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle

Sizes: Small, growing up to 15 lbs at the largest

Colors: Black, white, chestnut, white and tan, gold, red and white abstract, black and red and white

Personality: Get along with everyone and everything, get strongly attached to one person, intelligent and easily trainable

Best suited for: Families with young kids, elderly people, individuals in smaller houses or apartments

Not well suited for: Very active families or individuals

Takeaway: If you’re looking for a dog that is loyal, doesn’t need a lot of exercise, and who will love everyone or everything, then the Cavapoo is an ideal breed for you!