Deposit Contract

    Male or Female*

    1. The original $500.00 deposit is nonrefundable.

    2. Selection takes place after the puppies are 5 weeks old, in deposit order. A selection email will go out at least 48 hours prior with a set time slot. I understand that I need to be available for that time slot or I will be removed from the wait list and selection will continue unless other arrangements were made prior.

    3. The final payment is due after selection.

    4. All payments can be done in variety of ways:

      • PayPal (they charge a 3.5% fee)

      • Cashiers Check

      • Bank Wire

      • Personal Check (must be received 10 days prior to payment due date)

    5. The payment form on our website will be processed via PayPal.

    6. I am buying a puppy for a pet only and understand that I will be required to sign a spay/neuter contract before puppy leaves and will also be required to show proof of spay/neuter by 6 months of age.