6 Bernedoodle Haircut Styles

Posted: November 18, 2022   |   Author: Jill Verduin, Poodle 2 Doodles' Owner
bernedoodle haircut

The Bernedoodle is a mix between a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. They are a charming breed that loves playing outdoors and relaxing indoors. Being part poodle, they also carry a hypoallergenic coat of fur. With both breeds being known for their beautiful fur coats, owners have many questions about how you should have your Bernedoodle’s haircut. The mix of the two breeds causes the fur sometimes to have the tricolor traits that we see in Bernese mountain dogs, but they can also have a solid color fur coat like pure black.

What are The Bernedoodle Haircut Types?

So how should you have your Bernedoodle’s haircut? Let’s take a closer look at the different haircut styles to help you decide what’s best for you and your dog. 

Bernedoodle Summer Haircut

The Summer Cut is a great way to keep your Bernedoodle cool if you live in a warmer climate or if you live in a place with hot summers. It’s a very common way to groom your Bernedoodle, so we placed it a the top of the list. It’s not too complicated or overly special, but it’s a classic. 

When your Bernedoodles experience the Summer Cut style, you can expect to see that the body hair is 1 inch long or less. You may also see that the leg hair is cut down to about a half inch, and the fur surrounding the face is trimmed shorter. You can also expect to see the tail is still fluffy and long but trimmed up nicely. It’s the happy medium between having your dog still look presentable and shaving your dog for the hot summer ahead. If you are working with a groomer, we recommend being completely clear with your groomer to ensure they understand what you are asking for. If they are inexperienced, they could just cut the hair short or shave it, and you don’t want to have to pay for that.

Bernedoodle Winter Haircut

You’ll notice that the Bernedoodle Winter Cut is very similar to the Summer cut but trimmed a bit longer. It’s also important to be clear with your groomer about this one because you don’t want to mess up the haircut by giving the wrong instructions. The Winter Cut is perfect for your Bernedoodle if you live in a generally colder climate or experience cold winters. 

A drawback of the Bernedoodle Winter Cut that you should keep in mind is the longer the hair is, the more likely it is to get tangled up or become matted. This may be worth it to you if you want to ensure your dog is warm enough during the winter, which is a valid concern for any dog owner. If you are cold, your pet is cold, and you don’t want them to have to suffer just because you don’t like how their hair looks when it’s a bit longer. However, if you keep your dog inside for most of the winter, and they are comfortable with being outside less often, a shorter cut might be sufficient for you and your dog’s personal situation. 

Bernedoodle Puppy Haircut

Sometimes known as the Teddy Bear haircut, the Puppy Haircut will be one length throughout the entire body, including the legs and tail. The only difference is that the face is usually left alone for the most part, save some shaping on the sides. This causes the head and face of your Bernedoodle to be the center of attention, mimicking what a teddy bear would look like. This is a very common haircut for people to give their Bernedoodle puppies and puppies in general, regardless of breed or gender. It’s a cute style that is also helpful for the crazy puppy hairs that some dogs can have when they are so young! Although, your dog doesn’t have to be a puppy to receive a puppy haircut.

The Bernedoodle Poodle Haircut

This list would not be complete without spending time on the classic Bernedoodle Poodle Haircut. Being the offspring of a Poodle, Bernedoodles have naturally curly and fluffy hair that makes for a beautiful coat with its rich colors provided by the Bernese mountain dog. The Poodle Haircut tends to be more of a show dog style, but you don’t have to prepare for a show to have your dog receive one of these haircuts. 

That being said, you may want to be cautious about your dog receiving one of these haircuts if they spend a lot of time outside getting dirty. This haircut will become difficult to maintain and may not be worth your time and money. You should carefully consider this aspect before paying money for your dog to receive a haircut like this, especially if you aren’t willing to put your own time and effort into maintaining the look and cleanliness of their fur. 

The Bernedoodle Short Haircut

If you are looking for a low-maintenance haircut that will look great on your Bernedoodle, look no further. Keeping your dog’s hair short is good for them if you live in a warmer climate, for one thing, but it’s low maintenance, convenient, and looks good on almost any Bernedoodle. We recommend this style if you believe that keeping things simple speaks volumes for your dog’s style and personality. 

Things to Remember if You Are Doing A DIY Bernedoodle Haircut

If you are considering completing your Berendoodle’s haircut on your own, you should come prepared before doing so. You should have items such as brushes, an electric trimmer, and a pair of dog shears handy when you start. You may also want to keep some treats handy to help your dog stay calm and want to obey you – as many dogs are hesitant to stay still for long periods when cutting their fur. Things can get messy fast while giving your dog a haircut, so we also recommend keeping garbage bags or cans nearby, as well as a vacuum to suck up the excess hair that you can’t just sweep up or throw into the trash. Before you start, however, it’s a good idea to give your dog a bath. This will prevent anything that might be already stuck in their fur from getting washed out before causing an issue with the haircut itself. 

Find what Bernedoodle Haircut Styles Work for You

Make sure to think critically and decide what is best for your budget, your time, your dog, and yourself as you decide what haircut style you should give your Bernedoodle. Consider the pros and cons to each that are listed above and make your decision, and have fun while doing it! Whichever style you choose, your dog will look great.