Sheepadoodle Puppies

What is a Sheepadoodle?

A Sheepadoodle is a cross between an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle. This particular mix makes for gorgeous dogs with unique markings and great personalities. Characteristics of Sheepadoodles will vary and can even depend on the breeder. That means the puppy you take home will be one of a kind!

Sheepadoodles take on positive characteristics from both of their parents, making them well-rounded family dogs. Poodles are hypoallergenic, making Sheepadoodles very low shedding, great for keeping furniture clean. This also means Sheepadoodles are hypoallergenic, meaning they’re allergy friendly. You’ll find that Sheepadoodles tend to be very intelligent and even tempered. These traits make them easy to train and great for families with young children. With loyalty in their blood, they will love your family unconditionally.

Sheepadoodle Generations Explained

  • F1 Sheepadoodle: Old English Sheepdog  X Poodle
  • F1b Sheepadoodle: F1 Sheepadoodle  X Poodle
  • F1bb Sheepadoodle: F1b Sheepadoodle  X Poodle
  • F2 Sheepadoodle: F1 Sheepadoodle  X F1 Sheepadoodle
  • F2b Sheepadoodle: F1 Sheepadoodle  X F1b Sheepadoodle
  • F3 Sheepadoodle: F1b Sheepadoodle  X F1b Sheepadoodle 

About our Sheepadoodle Puppies

As designer dogs, we pride ourselves in raising Sheepadoodles the right way. We hand pick the parent dogs to make sure our puppies have superior genetics. And we back that up with a 2 year health guarantee! But genetics isn’t the only thing that makes a great puppy. The early weeks of development are crucial for instilling trust and kindness in puppies. With plenty of attention and personal care, all of our Sheepadoodle puppies for sale stand out as lively and obedient. Get ready to fall in love when you take home your brand new family friend!

What size is a Sheepadoodle?

Due to the huge range of sizes in poodles, Sheeapdoodles can be anywhere from less than 18 pounds all the way to 80 pounds. We breed all sizes of Sheepadoodles, categorized as Standard, Mini, and Micro Sheepadoodles (also known as Tiny). Learn more about the sizes of our puppies for sale below! If your curious about other Doodle breeds, check out our Breed Overview page.

An F1 Standard Sheepadoodle looking out of a window

What colors are Sheepadoodles?

Unlike Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles, Sheepadoodles don’t have a lot of color variations. They are either:

  • Black and white
  • Mostly black
  • Mostly white
  • Blue merle (a more mottled look with blue colorations in the fur and eyes)
  • Red and white (rare)

We don’t typically produce red and white Sheepadoodles, so if you’re holding your breathe for a puppy with red coloring, take a look at our Goldendoodles or Irish Doodles!

2 Standard F1 Sheepadoodles laying on a couch

Standard Sheepadoodles - 45 to 80 Pounds

The Standard Sheepadoodle puppies we generally produce are first generation, also known as F1 Sheepadoodles. This is a cross between a Old English Sheep Dog and our Standard Poodle. Sheepdogs are typically large dogs, weighing between 60 and 100 pounds. This results in Sheepadoodle puppies maturing to be fairly large.

The Standard size usually matures to be between 45 and 80 pounds fully-grown. This is a great size for families that are active and want minimal to low shedding with the highest chance of getting the traits of the Sheepdog.

We do our best to estimate the adult weights of our pups but cannot guarantee size.

A picture of a Standard Sheepadoodle sitting next to a girl, showing perspective on their size

Mini Sheepadoodles - 18 - 30 Pounds

We specialize in breeding Mini Sheepadoodles which are increasing in popularity. Mini’s stand between 12 and 17 inches tall and are 18 to 30 lbs fully-grown. Miniature Sheepadoodles have very similar personalities to regular Sheepadoodles. This means Mini’s are still as strong, smart, and loyal as they come.

Like all of our Doodles, our mini Sheepadoodles puppies for sale come in different sizes, depending on the parents.

We do our best to estimate the adult weights of our pups but cannot guarantee size.

A beautiful standard sheepadoodle puppy with a black mask on half the face

Micro Sheepadoodles - Less Than 18 Pounds

Occasionally we will breed Micro Sheepadoodles, also known as Tiny Sheepadoodles. Micro’s are the smallest Sheepadoodle we produce, and typically only weigh less than 18 pounds.

Micro Sheepadoodles are generally best for people living in more urban areas like New York City or Los Angeles, since they take up considerably less space than the other sizes, while having the same great temperament!

We do our best to estimate the adult weights of our pups but cannot guarantee size.

Micro Sheepadoodle celebrating by a Christmas tree. This image provides excellent perspective on just how small Micro Sheepadoodles are!

Reviews from owners who've purchased a Sheepadoodle Puppy from us

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Healthy and smart puppy

5.0 rating
February 13, 2019

We are so happy to have found Poodles2doodles and love our mini Sheepadoodle Millie. She is a healthy, smart puppy!

Sheepadoodle Litters For Sale

Litter Info

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F1 Mini Sheepadoodle
Est weight:
20 - 35 lbs
$3500 - $3800

Litter Description

Born December 10th, 2019, this litter of F1 Mini Sheepadoodles for sale will be ready to go home February 4th, 2020!

Their mother, Kaze, is a Old English Sheepdog and their father, Ozzy, is a Poodle.

These Mini Sheepadoodle puppies are expected to weigh between 20 lbs and 35 lbs fully grown.

These puppies will be available when they are 6 weeks of age and will be on a first come first serve basis. If you want to be notified when they will go live please sign up for our newsletter.