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About F1 Goldendoodles

F1 Goldendoodle puppies are easygoing, attentive, and highly trainable, making them great family dogs. Goldendoodles are also quick to bond with their families, showing exceptional loyalty and caring. Plus, they’re adorable, both as bouncing puppies and full-grown adults. We are happy to arrange pickups at our house or can meet you at our local airport. We look forward to our F1 Goldendoodle puppies finding their forever homes and look forward to welcoming you to our Goldendoodle family.

What Is an F1 Goldendoodle?

An F1 Goldendoodle puppy is a designer mix between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. Goldendoodle puppies are low- or no-shed dogs that are allergy-friendly. Plus, they have easygoing personalities and kind dispositions. A Goldendoodle puppy is an excellent option for a wide range of families, including those with children.

“F1” denotes the generation of the Goldendoodle puppy. Whether it’s a Mini or Standard Goldendoodle, an F1 Goldendoodle is the puppy of Golden Retriever and Poodle parents, creating a 50/50 genetic mix. While the result is a no- or low-shed puppy, proper care is essential to keep their coat and skin in excellent shape and to reduce allergens further.

F1 Goldendoodle puppies usually have strong golden coloring and may have white sections. The exact shades can vary depending on the color of the Golden Retriever, which can range from light to dark golden.

About Our F1 Goldendoodle Puppies

As breeders of F1 Goldendoodle puppies, we understand our responsibilities and aim to make conscientious choices when preparing for a litter. We hand-select the parents based on health, temperament, and genetic quality, resulting in the best possible F1 Goldendoodle puppies for sale. Plus, we back up our commitment with a two-year health guarantee, giving you peace of mind.

While genetics are a significant part of the equation, we know that more goes into raising the ideal Goldendoodle puppy. That’s why we provide ample attention and socialization. Our goal is to build trust and meet every need with kindness and care, supporting our puppies during their journeys to ensure they’re attentive, eager to please, and, of course, happy and healthy!

F1 Mini Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

Our F1 Mini Goldendoodle puppies for sale are carefully raised and have handpicked parents to ensure good health and genetic quality. Mini Goldendoodle puppies aren’t like their larger, Standard counterparts; they’re just a bit smaller.

F1 Mini Goldendoodle puppies are designer mix breed dogs that come from Golden Retrievers and Miniature Poodles, leading to a 50/50 mix. Since one parent is a Miniature Poodle, a Mini Goldendoodle puppy doesn’t get as large as Standard Goldendoodles.

Usually, full-grown Mini Goldendoodles are about 15 to 20 inches high and weigh about 30 to 45 pounds. However, some do vary outside of those ranges.

F1 Standard Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

Like our Mini Goldendoodles, our F1 Standard Goldendoodle puppies are carefully bred with health and solid genetics in mind. The parents are carefully chosen, resulting in high-quality puppies with excellent personalities.

F1 Standard Goldendoodle puppies are a designer mix breed, with one parent being a Golden Retriever and the other being a Standard Poodle. Our F1 Standard Goldendoodle puppies for sale are larger than their mini counterparts. When full-grown, they’re usually between 20 and 25 inches high and weigh between 45 and 100 pounds.

F1 Goldendoodle Puppy Frequently Asked Questions

What Do the Different Generations Mean?

The different generations of Goldendoodle puppies let you know approximately how much of the puppy’s genetics come from Golden Retrievers vs. Poodles. Usually, the temperaments of the puppies are similar regardless of the generation.

However, higher percentages of Poodle genes can reduce shedding, making them more allergy-friendly. Poodles are naturally low- and no-shed dogs, so more genes from that side result in a higher chance of a no-shed Goldendoodle puppy.

Here is an overview of the various Goldendoodle generations:

  • F1 Goldendoodle: Old English Sheepdog crossed with a Poodle, making the puppy a 50/50 mix
  • F1b Goldendoodle: F1 Goldendoodle crossed with a Poodle, making the puppy 75 % Poodle
  • F1bb Goldendoodle: F1b Goldendoodle crossed with a Poodle, making the puppy 87.5 % Poodle
  • F2 Goldendoodle: F1 Goldendoodle crossed with an F1 Goldendoodle, making the puppy a 50/50 mix
  • F2b Goldendoodle: F1 Goldendoodle crossed with an F1b Goldendoodle, making the puppy 62.5 % Poodle
  • F3 Goldendoodle: F1b Goldendoodle crossed with an F1b Goldendoodle, making the puppy 75 % Poodle
Do Goldendoodles Shed?

Goldendoodles are a low- or no-shed breed. How much they shed depends on their genetic makeup, as a higher percentage of Poodle genes usually results in less shedding. Higher amounts of Golden Retriever genes can increase the amount of shedding, though they’re still considered low-shed dogs.

In some cases, the coat type also plays a role. Curly coats shed less than straight coats, with wavy coats usually falling in the middle. As a result, the curlier the coat, the more hypoallergenic a Goldendoodle puppy is overall.

Even with no- and low-shed breeds, that doesn’t mean there’s no fur or hair shedding. Instead, it’s minimized, making the dogs far more hypoallergenic. Proper grooming can reduce shedding even more, so regular brushing, bathing, and trimming do make a difference.

Are Goldendoodles Hypoallergenic?

As a low- or no-shed breed, Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic. Less shedding means fewer allergens are released, making them ideal for households with members who have allergies.

Proper grooming also reduces allergens while also ensuring your Goldendoodle’s skin and fur are in the best shape possible. The generation and coat types are factors, too, so those with severe allergies benefit from curly-coated Goldendoodles and those from specific generations, such as F1b or F1bb Goldendoodles.

How Big Do Goldendoodles Get?

How big Goldendoodles get depends on several factors. Primarily, it depends on the size of the parents, particularly whether one parent is a Standard or Miniature Poodle.

On the larger side, Goldendoodles can reach 20 to 25 inches high and 40 to 100 pounds, though some may go above those ranges. For Mini Goldendoodles, they are usually closer to 15 to 20 inches high and 30 to 45 pounds.

In some cases, you may even find Micro (or Petite) Goldendoodles. These are generally less than 15 inches high and typically weigh between 8 and 30 pounds.

How Long do Goldendoodles Live?

The typical lifespan of a Goldendoodle is usually 10 to 15 years, though it can vary depending on health and care.

Golden Retrievers often have lifespans closer to 10 to 12 years, while Poodles live between 12 and 15 years on average. Since both of those breeds are present in Goldendoodles, the lifespan usually ranges within the 10 to 15-year timeframe.

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