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General Characteristics of Standard Bernedoodle Puppies

Standard bernedoodle puppies are some of the most loving and loyal pups you’ll ever meet. They inherit the best qualities of both their parents: the standard poodle’s intelligence and the Bernese mountain dog’s gentle nature.
Here are a few more things you can expect from your standard bernedoodle:


Standard bernedoodles are a medium to large breed. They usually weigh between 40 and 70 pounds and grow up to 23 to 29 inches tall when fully grown.


Standard bernedoodles usually come in various black, white, or brown colorations. However, the most common and popular colors are pure black, black and brown, black and white, or mixed (black, brown, and white).


Standard bernedoodles have soft, fluffy coats that are usually wavy or curly. They don’t shed very much and are hypoallergenic, which makes them an excellent choice for people with allergies. The standard bernedoodles may need a little more maintenance for grooming since they shed minimally. The curlier their coat is, the more often it will need to be brushed. Brushing your standard bernedoodle at least once a week is best to prevent mats and tangles. You should also trim them every few months to keep their coat looking their best.


Standard bernedoodles are known for being gentle, loving, and loyal. They make great family dogs and love spending time with their humans. They’re also very intelligent, which means they’re easy to train.
Standard bernedoodles are social animals and love being around other dogs and people. They require a lot of human interaction and need to be around people to be happy. They’re also very friendly with children and make great playmates. However, because of their size, it’s important to supervise young children around standard bernedoodles.


Standard bernedoodles are versatile dog breeds that can quickly adapt to various lifestyles. They’re great for families with kids, seniors, or anyone looking for a loyal companion. They love spending time outdoors and playing fetch, but they’re just as happy relaxing on the couch.

Bernedoodle Puppy Breed Information

Here at Poodles2Doodles, we believe that mini bernedoodles should be bred for health, temperament, and conformation, and we are dedicated to producing the best mini bernedoodles possible!

Our mini bernedoodles breeding program is based on careful selection of only the healthiest, most genetically-sound dogs. We breed mini bernedoodles from miniature poodles and Bernese mountain dogs that have been carefully chosen for their excellent temperaments and conformation. We also do DNA testing on all of our mini bernedoodle breeding stock to ensure that they’re free of any genetic diseases. Our mini bernedoodles are tested for hip and elbow dysplasia, von Willebrand’s disease, and patellar luxation before adoption.

Our mini bernedoodle puppies are also raised with lots of love and attention. We socialize our puppies early so they’ll be well-adjusted, happy dogs when they go to their forever homes.

We believe that mini bernedoodles are the perfect combination of two amazing breeds, and we’re dedicated to producing healthy, happy puppies that will bring joy to their families for years to come.

If you’re interested in brightening up your home, check out our mini bernedoodles for sale — you just might find the one!

Are Mini Bernedoodles Hypoallergenic?

Yes, mini bernedoodles are hypoallergenic! This is because they are descended from miniature poodles, which are also hypoallergenic. Mini bernedoodles don’t shed much, if at all. They’re also very low-maintenance when it comes to grooming.

What Size Will My Mini Bernedoodle Be?

Mini bernedoodles can range in size from 18 – 22 inches tall and 15 – 35 pounds. However, it really depends on which parent they take after most. If they take after the Bernese mountain dog, they’ll be on the larger side. If they take after the miniature poodle, they’ll be on the smaller side.

Do Mini Bernedoodles Get Along With Other Pets?

Yes, mini bernedoodles generally get along well with other pets, since they’re bred to be companion dogs. They’re also very social creatures that enjoy being around people, children, and other animals.

Do Mini Bernedoodles Make Good Watchdogs?

Yes, mini bernedoodles make good watchdogs. They’re bred to be companion dogs, but they’re alert, have a lot of energy, and they’ll still bark if a stranger makes them uneasy.

Do Mini Bernedoodles Need a Lot of Exercise?

Yes, mini bernedoodles need a lot of exercise. They’re very active dogs that need to be exercised every day. Mini bernedoodles also love to play and have a lot of energy, so it’s important to keep them active. You can take them for walks, runs, and hikes. You can also take them to the dog park or play fetch with them in the backyard

How Much Does a Mini Bernedoodle Usually Cost?
Mini bernedoodles usually cost between $1000 – $2000. However, this price may go up or down depending on the parents of the puppy and the puppy’s coat color. Mini bernedoodles with rare coat colors may cost more. You can view the full pricing breakdown for Mini Bernedoodles here.
We’re confident that all of our puppies are healthy and will make great pets for your family, so we offer a two-year health guarantee with all of our puppies.
What do the different generations mean?

Mini bernedoodles come in a variety of colors, including black, white, brown, cream, and red. However, the most popular colors are black and white. Mini bernedoodles with rare coat colors may cost more.

What Are the Two Generations of Mini Bernedoodles?

The cost of our Bernedoodles range from between $3200 – $4000 depending on their coloration and size. View the full pricing breakdown on our Bernedoodle pricing page. There are two generations of mini bernedoodles. The first generation (F-I) is a Bernese mountain dog crossed with a miniature poodle, and the second generation (F-II) is a mini bernedoodle crossed with another mini bernedoodle.

History of Standard Bernedoodle Puppies

The bernedoodle is a relatively new breed. However, they are a perfect mix of the best companion dog breeds: the standard poodles and the Bernese mountain dog.

Standard poodles are known for being intelligent, loving, and easily trained, and Bernese mountain dogs are known for being gentle giants with a heart of gold. So it’s no surprise that standard bernedoodles are some of the best family dog breeds.

The first known cross between these breeds was in 2003. The intention of crossbreeding these two breeds together was to create a highly affectionate companion dog. It was a huge success.

Despite its short history, the standard bernedoodle has quickly become one of the most popular doodle breeds. And it’s easy to see why: they’re simply the best of both worlds!

Caring for Your Standard Bernedoodle Puppy

As with any breed, there are a few things you need to know about caring for your standard bernedoodle. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

They are social animals and do not like to be left alone for long periods: If you’re gone for more than a few hours, it’s best to have someone check in on them or take them to doggy daycare. You can also consider getting two standard bernedoodles so they can keep each other company.

They need to be groomed regularly: As mentioned before, standard bernedoodles must be brushed at least once a week and trimmed every few months. You can make this a bonding experience by doing it yourself, which they will love.

They are easy to train: Nevertheless, they need obedience training and socialization from a young age. They can also learn bad habits as they grow older if they’re not properly trained.

They can be big eaters: This is why it’s important to measure their food and give them treats in moderation. It’s best to consult your veterinarian to determine how much food your standard bernedoodle needs.

They need a lot of physical stimulation: They love going on walks, playing fetch, and exploring the great outdoors. It’s essential to ensure they get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.

They should be socialized: Expose them to other dogs, children, adults, and other animals from a young age to ensure they’re well-rounded and socialized. This will help them adjust to new environments and situations later in life, especially when meeting new people or pets.

They love to play and have a lot of energy: It’s essential to have plenty of toys for them to play with. It is also best to supervise them when they play with little children or other animals

About Standard Bernedoodle Puppies

A standard bernedoodle crosses a standard poodle and a Bernese mountain dog. That means they’re not only super cute but also intelligent, friendly, and gentle. In other words, they’re everything you’ve ever wanted in a family pet!

Standard standards are great for families with children, and they’re also excellent companion dogs for seniors. In addition, because of these dogs’ inherent intellect, you can easily train them. So whether you’re looking for a cuddly buddy or a hiking partner, a standard bernedoodle is the perfect pup.

What is the life-expectancy of standard bernedoodles?

Not much is known about the life expectancy of standard bernedoodles since they’re a relatively new breed. However, they tend to be healthier than their parent breeds. The average life expectancy of standard bernedoodles is 12 to 15 years.

Are standard Bernedoodles trainable?

Yes, standard Bernedoodles are very intelligent and easily trainable. However, they need obedience training and socialization from a young age.

What are the health issues of standard bernedoodles?

While standard bernedoodle puppies are generally a healthy dog breed, there are a few health issues to be aware of. These include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, skin allergies, and eye problems.

Are standard bernedoodles hypoallergenic?
Yes, standard bernedoodles are considered to be hypoallergenic. This means they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction in people allergic to dogs.

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